About Us

S. Wilson believes that only the best will do.

He’s searched the world for the best meats and seafood because he wants you to be confident that every delivery in the best quality you’ll ever find.

Grocery store meats, even from very good stores have to meet a certain level of quality and can be convenient since you’re already picking up laundry detergent and cereal but to us, that’s just not good enough. Grocery stores offer what their wholesalers carry and don’t have the time or resources to work directly with the ranchers and fishermen like S. Wilson. We build real relationships with a select few producers and every steak, every piece of lamb or pork or crab that we deliver meets our insanely high standards.

Then add to that our dry aging. Sam brought in specially designed aging refrigerators from Germany that keep the beef at exactly temperature and humidity for a minimum of 28 days. This achieves pervect taste and texture. Grocery stores simply can’t do that.

Sam wants you to have the confidence that when your S. Wilson delivery arrives, you’ll know it will be the most delicious beef, pork, lamb or seafood you’ve ever tasted.

S. Wilson. The most world’s most delicious steaks.